Top Interview Questions and Answers

Question:What is your greatest strength?
Answer:The best answer is to follow up with using a few of the skills that were in the job posting for the position. It is not enough to just say business development. Give a specific answer. The last 3 years I grew my territory 25% per year with year over year growth. 100% per cent of that growth came from net new business.

Question:What is your weakness?
Answer:I would not reply with I am too dedicated or that I work too hard.
I would give an honest answer that is relevant and make it positive.
I would say my excel skills are limited, however I have signed up for a web based class next week to sharpen my skills.

Question:Why are you considering leaving or have you left your last position?
Answer:Whenever possible turn this into a positive. I left ABC Industries after 3 years because I felt I was ready to take the next step in my career. I learned a lot there and the people were great however I believe I am ready for my next challenge and with your organization launching this new product or service I am confident I can take what I have learned and leverage that knowledge to help me hit the ground running.

Question:Tell me about yourself.
Answer:This is a soft question used to break the ice. I would avoid any subjects that are controversial like politics are religion.
A. Instead I would say by nature I like to compete I am an avid cyclist and enjoy getting outside for a ride 12 months of the year. When I am not doing that I enjoy playing my guitar and the occasional game of tennis.

Question:Why do you want this position?
Answer:This is a good time to show you have done your research and blow your own horn a bit. I saw in the posting you were looking for a person with experience selling to Financial Services organizations at the enterprise level. At my previous employer I sold as new business HSBC, JP Morgan and Citi Group I am confident my relationships with these organizations can help me succeed in this position.

Question:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Answer:I would provide the person with a general high level answer that is tied to the position you are applying for.
I would like to think I will continue to grow and learn as a professional salesperson. My goal would be to exceed sales and retention targets and do everything in my power to help my colleagues and customers succeed.

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