How to Write a Resume To Get Hired!

In the current job market it is very competitive and you need to have a resume that helps you stand out in a positive way.

  1. Do Your Research

The goal of a resume is a to compel the organization to want to meet with you and learn more about how your skills can help them succeed. Research as much as you can about the organization and the position. For example if the organization is looking for a person to sell into the Retail vertical. You would highlight your experience selling Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, and Loblaw’s. The ultimate goal is to have them picture how easy it would be for you to transition to the position. Or make it as obvious as you can why you are a great candidate.

  1. Know what you can about the Interviewer and the organization.

Doing your homework is great having specific details is better. If for example you know who the person is who will be interviewing you. Look in LinkedIn and do your homework. You may find out they went to the same university as you. They may have started at the company 6 months ago and came from a company where you have great contacts. How big of an advantage would it be if you can say to them I saw in LinkedIn you worked at ABC company before do you know Mrs. Jones there I did business with her at ABC for years. That is a great way to stand out. In the ideal situation they will contact the Mrs. Jones and she will tell them you would be a great candidate.

  1. State specific examples of your accomplishments.

Saying you sold into the North American Retail market is nice. If you can say you sold Loblaw’s, Costco, Canadian Tire and Best Buy as a new logo in the last 6 months that is much more powerful. I would also be specific I sold Loblaw’s a two year license for $48,000. I was dealing with the CFO. I would also explain how the sales process worked. I was involved with the entire sales cycle from contact to close.

  1. Get specific details of the position

Find out everything you can about the position itself. Who would I report to? Is there a monthly quota or target? If so what is it? What is the territory or vertical I will be selling into. What is the average deal size? What is the typical sales cycle? Do I keep and mange the account once I have brought them on board. What products or services will I be selling?

  1. Follow up

When the interview is almost over it is very important you ask what the next steps are. Then once you know you can follow up accordingly. If the person said they will follow up in a week and a week goes by and you have not hear anything I would be contacting the person and asking for an update. I always send a follow up thank you note by email or snail mail the following day. If possible mention something specific about the interview. I am very excited about your upcoming US expansion. As you know I grew my US territory 52% last year with year over year growth.

  1. Maintain Contact

When the person said they would follow up in a week and did not you contact them. Do not be a pest but stay in touch and respect their process. If you do not get the position I think it is a good idea to ask for feedback going forward. I would also maintain a relationship with the person. There are several reason to do this. They may not have hired you today but may hire you in the future. What if the person changes jobs and they are looking for a person with your skills. If you stay in touch you have a much better chance then the person that did not.

  1. Always be Professional

Whatever happens take the high road and always be professional about the entire process. It is a small world and you never know when you will meet the person again. If you are a great relationship builder this is something you are probably doing already.


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