Everything Is Going To Be OK

In the current job market it is very competitive and you need to do everything you can to help you have a great interview.

  1. Perseverance pays 

The class of 2015 is going out into the business world at a very uncertain time. Certainly, U.S. unemployment rates have gone down and prospects have improved greatly since the height of last decade’s recession. But many graduates will face a long job search or huge competition for roles.

Getting through this period of uncertainty requires a great deal of self-belief, and perseverance. Stay positive, because in the words of one contributor “everything is going to be OK.”

This period also necessitates patience and willingness to make the most of every opportunity.

“No one has it figured out entirely and you know what? That’s OK.”

“Never get tired of pursuing your passion, even if odds are not in your favor.”

“When I graduated, my dad told me not to be limited by available jobs. If I could demonstrate an organization’s need for my unique skills, a position could be created around my talents. That was solid advice that I’ve used a few times, and it has worked.”

“Perseverance pays.”

  1. Pay yourself first

Many members of the class of 2015 will be graduating with unprecedented levels of student loan debt. After all the cost of college tuition in North America has been outpacing inflation for decades. And while I firmly believe investment in college education will have a positive net impact on an individual’s life and career overall, I appreciate the enormous pressure this places on graduates.

  1. School’s not out. It’s just getting started.

The class of 2015 may have received their diplomas, but the learning curve is just beginning. Respondents to my last post stated again and again that learning is a lifelong process, and those who succeed are those who seek out both formal and informal opportunities to grow.

“You’ll make mistakes because you know nothing yet. So make mistakes and make sure you learn.”

“There are thousands of careers that don’t exist now that will be created in your lifetime. Be open to learning and exploring.”

“Your priorities, passion and even opinions will change over time – that’s how life is. So don’t get stuck in your thinking. Embrace change and diversity of opinions, thoughts, people and actions.”

“There’s opportunity to learn in every situation, especially the bad… I’m only a few years out of college myself… this has been a tremendous learning.”

“Seek out mentors early in your career, and at every (major) juncture.” 

  1. Shake things up.

Many contributors emphasized the class of 2015 has a lot to offer the workforce and society. Their generation will bring energy and fresh thinking to the organizations they join. As they stand at the very beginning of their professional lives, they have unlimited potential to make an impact on the world around them.

“Be different and think out of the box. Explore. You make an impact by doing things others are afraid to do. Take calculated risks.”

“Apply yourself to solve big problems and your career will take care of itself.”

“The world doesn’t need more people with a resume. It doesn’t need more workers. It needs more people who are emotionally and intellectually connected to a problem and have the stubborn attitude to do something about it.” 

  1. Make friends (and not just on Facebook)

Our professional success is impacted in countless ways by the quality of our relationships and networks. I’m not talking about the awkward, designated networking time that follows a typical corporate event. But genuine connections that are nurtured over time.

“Treat every interaction as if it were more than just a Facebook friend. Learn how to leverage your connections and have others leverage yours to provide real impact.”

“Talk to strangers.”

“Life is a collaborative art.”

“Stay connected to one another, you will become a powerful business network for each other for years to come.”

“Never burn a bridge!”

This post has been edited from a Barry Salzberg Global CEO of Deloitte Touche article published May 21, 2015 in Linkedin.

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